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Our services

Babel TREE translates

At BABEL TREE our translators master linguistic, scientific and technical disciplines, particularly in the waste, water and energy management sectors.
This rare combination means that we achieve high quality and spot-on translations, ensuring a good and exact rendering of the content in the source document. Mindful that the original sense is maintained, each translator only translates into his or her mother tongue.

• French to English/English to French
• French to Spanish/Spanish to French
• French to German/German to French
• English to Spanish/Spanish to English


Babel TREE re-reads

For Babel TREE, re-reading (proof reading) is a job in its own right and deserves special attention. This is a meticulous job and involves ensuring that styles have been respected as well as checking grammar and syntax.


Babel TREE re-writes

This involves modifying, improving or adapting a text to meet certain conditions (for example reducing the length of a text in order to make it clearer, more relevant).

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