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Each translation, proofreading or rewriting project has its own characteristics (level of urgency, volume…) and quotes will vary according to these.  However quotes are generally calculated in the following way:

Translation: for the most part quotes are calculated per source word. This method is clear for all.  Repetitive text is counted just once.  Occasionally, the quote is per target word.  In this case the client will be informed.  It is considered that a translator is capable of translating an average of 250 to 300 words per hour or 2000 to 2400 words per day.  Obviously these values vary according to the subject matter, the translator’s performance and tools used. 

Proofreading: quoted per hour.  Generally it is considered that around 1250 words per hours (around 3 A4 pages only containing continuous single lines of text), but this value varies according to how complex the subject matter is, the quality of the text and the performance of the person proofreading. 

Rewriting: quoted per hour. Generally this service takes more time that proofreading. 

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